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Hatchery Aqualota


The company was founded during the summer of 2017. After experimenting with Burbot (Lota lota) for quite some years, we decided that the time was right to start up our own hatchery. 


The burbot is a species that has gained alot of attention in Europe lately because of its potential as a fish with tasty, white & boneless meat. A highly valued delicacy.

Our core business: Producing high quality burbot fry

Our broodstock has been handpicked out of fully RAS raised fish.


Having our own selection program, we are being able to further domesticate the species for culture in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems.

This also enables us to provide fingerlings which will show a more homogene & faster growth.


Upon request we can also deliver fingerlings of Pikeperch & Perch.




Phone: (+32) (0) 476 082 500

Email: joachim.claeye@aqualota.be