About us

Research finding its way to practise:

Hatchery AquaLota was founded in the summer of 2017. The founders have been working with Burbot (Lota lota) for quite some time prior to the creation of the company, in cooperation with the Aquaculture Education & Research Facility (Aqua-ERF) of Odisee University of Applied Sciences.

The production of fingerlings is the highest risk in a fishfarm. 

In order to have a succesfull result, you not only need specific knowledge of the species, but also in-field experience to reproduce the broodstock, incubate the eggs, rear and wean the larvae until they become fingerlings. This ontogenetic development is often subject to major mortality (> 90% during each stage), which results in inconsistent results. 

It's of major importance to have a good and long lasting cooperation with a supplier of fingerlings with a constant quality and quantity.

This is Aqualota's commitment towards our customers.