Our network

Academical partners

Odisee University of Applied Sciences

Aqua-ERF is the aquaculture research centre of Odisee University of Applied Sciences. With their research they contribute to the development of an economically viable aquaculture sector in Flanders. Besides carrying out research projects, Aqua-ERF also provides services for companies that want to test their products.

Apart from research, education is an important keystone. Students, entrepreneurs and other interested parties can follow Odisee's aquaculture courses. Moreover, they offer the possibility to gain practical experience through internships and practical training at their facilities.

Ghent University - Lab of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center

The Lab of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center is renowed worldwide for its research and education on the culture of fish and shellfish larvae.

Aquaculture research at Ghent University dates back to early seventies with research on the brine shrimp Artemia and its crucial role as live food organism in the larval culture of the main cultured marine fish and shellfish. INVE aquaculture was founded in this lab.

Institutional partners


The practise center of Aquaculture of the West Flemish provincial knowledge and research center Inagro performs applied research on different aspects of the culture of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) and is one of the founding members of the European Percid Fish Culture Group.


Institute of Nature & Forests

INBO is the independent research institute of the Flemish government that supports and evaluates biodiversity policy and management through applied scientific research.

Through its scientific research, INBO supports all agencies dealing with open space in the Flemish government, as well as in organisations involved in nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, hunting and fishery.



European Aquaculture Society

The European Aquaculture Society – EAS  is an independent non-profit association, created in 1976, that promotes contacts and disseminates information among all involved or interested in aquaculture in Europe. EAS currently has members in more than 60 countries and the EAS Secretariat is based at Oostende in Belgium.

European Percid Fish Culture Group

EPFC is a thematic group within EAS (European Aquaculture Society), active since 2012. We gather and shair information on the culture of pikeperch, perch and other species of the family percidae for human consumption, stocking and conservation. AquaLota is a Core Group member of this association. 

Flemish Aquaculture Platform (VAP)

The Flemish Aquaculture Platform was founded with the support of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to further stimulate the aquaculture sector in Flanders. The platform integrates the former informal Flemish Aquaculture Network and thus forms an excellent forum for information and knowledge exchange between the many actors involved in various elements of aquaculture.



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